• Image of Photography & How to Grow Your Instagram Workshop

A new spin on my Classic and Advanced Photography workshops focused on photography and how to grow your Instagram but SPACE IS LIMITED! The workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum on September 26, but it is accessible by password only. I will be posting that day’s material online in the mornings, let you read through it and at a designated time I will be online for one hour to answer questions. You also have the opportunity to meet other members on the forum, and networking is so important. By keeping the workshop in a forum format you all have a chance to get to know one another, and me, ask questions on your time.

You are not obligated to participate at the designated time, the lessons and your access is left up for a month, so if you are away on September 26 you can access the information at any time after and I will log in periodically to answer your questions.

This course is designed to improve your photography editing skills, to teach you how to use your DSLR camera on manual. A second part of the course has been added to help give you the tools to navigate one of the biggest social media apps, Instagram, and to answer any questions you may have on how I personally edit and take photos. There are no guarantees made on numbers etc, but I will teach you all that I know, and the rest is up to you!

**Please note space is limited and participants are registered on a first come first server basis and read the copyright details carefully before signing up**

** ALSO note, course cost is $100 Canadian = $77 USD **

Hope to see y'all there!